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'Taurus' bouquet

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Product description

Find our zodiac bouquets!

Discover our collection imagined from the 12 signs of the zodiac in partnership with astrologer Shana Lyès. We combined his knowledge of astrology and the know-how of our florists to create unique bouquets every month.

This month discover our bouquet inspired by bulls.

Taurus is the 2nd sign of the zodiac, it embodies green nature. Archetype of the life, fulfillment and gluttony, its gentle energy brings stability and romance in the air. Faithful representative of the middle of spring and the hatching of flowers, his epicurean temperament is influenced by landscapes full of greenery. In as a Taurus native, you have surely inherited his patience and gentleness, but also his hard head and his stubbornness! Greedy, always looking for new sensations and discoveries via the 5 senses, you are an epicurean soul who likes to enjoy the simple pleasures of everyday life. And it's even better when you are surrounded by your loved ones and your family! Sometimes we can find you rational, superficial and very materially oriented, yet you possess within you the meaning sharing and loyalty. Just be careful not to be too conservative. nor to rest on your sweet laurels

It is on the basis of this beautiful harmony that the artisan florists of Aquarelle have imagined this charming composition with different shades of green and pink. The fuchsia rose blossoms in this bouquet to represent voluptuousness and embody abundance. At its side, the porcelain rose is more discreet to echo your precious and gentle side. Pink gypsophila is similar to tree buds that hatch, while the pink speedwell refers to the horns of Taurus. Finally, the carnations and lisianthus subtly embody sensuality and sentimental depth bulls. A spring bouquet filled with love!

Instructions for care

How to keep cut flowers fresh
  • Cut the tie surrounding the stems
  • Clean the stems, removing any leaves that will be immersed in water.
  • Trim the stems according to the height of your vase.
  • Fill the vase with fresh water.
  • Add the sachet of plant food provided.
  • Change the water and trim the stems every 2 days
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Faithful to the picture
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Optimal freshness
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