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Pink Pearl Phalaenopsis

Double-stemmed phalaenopsis orchid + a ceramic plant pot

Product pictured : 65 cm

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Product description

Elegant and sophisticated pink phalenopsis orchid...
This magnificent, long-lasting 'Fuscheng Pink Pearl' phaleonopsis orchid will grace any room with its 2 flower-covered stemsand stylish lacquered ceramic plant pot. An elegant gift for guaranteed success !

Double-stemmed phalaeonopsis
Height including pot: approximately 65 cm

Instructions for care

How to care for a phalaenopsis orchid?
The following care tips, which will be included with your order, will help your recipient enjoy this orchid for as long as possible:
  • After flowering, cut the stems of any wilted flowers above the second eye (20 to 25 cm from the foot).
  • Light: Plentiful light but keep away from direct sunlight and cold draughts.
  • Température : Between 18° and 21°C.
  • Watering: Soak your plant once a week in slightly tepid water then drain it well before returning it to its outer pot. From March to September, add a little fertilizer once a month.
  • Repotting: Every 2 or 3 years with a special orchid mix – indispensable to help your plant develop.
Included flower pot
Included flower pot
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From Europe
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Desired delivery date
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