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Special offer: 10 extra roses!
From 40 roses instead of 30.

Product pictured : 40 roses

Delivery price: €3.99

Spoil them even more by adding:

Total : €29.00

Product description

Exceptional offer! 10 extra roses!!
Pretty in pink...in the most romantic of colours, this bouquet is composed in a cameo of pinks from softest pastel to vibrant fuchsia. A beautifully fresh natural composition to win every heart!
So why not try a little tenderness?

40 Roses instead of 30: 29€
50 Roses instead of 40: 36€
60 Roses instead of 50: 43€
Faithful to the picture
Faithful to the picture
Photo taken at the time of shipment and sent by email
Optimal freshness
Optimal freshness
Freshly delivered in a water reciptient
Desired delivery date
Desired delivery date
Delivered in 24 hours in Spain