Bouquets of deep red roses

Our Aquarelle florists have chosen extraordinary varieties of red roses to create the most perfect flower arrangements !

Product pictured : €42.00

Premium Roses
Glorious, insolent red for this generous bunch of Naomi roses, flown straight in from the flower fields... Discover their rich, velvety petals as the buds gently unfurl. This delightful bouquet will transmit your most passionate emotions.

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Product pictured : €38.00
Marvellous Roses

From €32.00

Marvellous Roses!
These magnificent 'Red Calypso', 'Akito' and 'Lovely Jewel' roses mingle harmoniously in our latest composition, combining classic charm and romance. As a gift or just for yourself, you'll love this bouquet for its pretty colours and long-lasting beauty. Perfect for every occasion.

30 Roses for 32€

40 Roses for 38€ BR>
50 Roses for 45€

60 Roses for 52€

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From €32.00