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Flower delivery to Granada

Granada is a beautiful city in the south of Spain, known for its rich history and impressive architecture. The city is adorned with a variety of flowers and offers a great amount of options for those who wish to enjoy its beauty. Bouquets of flowers are an integral part of Granada's culture. In the city, many florists can be found offering a wide selection of fresh and exquisite flowers. From roses and tulips to lilies and daisies, there is a large variety of options to create beautiful bouquets. In addition to physical stores, many florists in Granada also offer delivery services. This allows residents and visitors to send beautiful bouquets of flowers to their loved ones no matter the distance. Whether it is to celebrate a birthday, express love, or send congratulations, flower delivery in Granada is a popular and convenient way to express feelings. Walking the streets of Granada is like strolling through a garden full of colors and fragrances. In the city's many parks and gardens, such as the famous Generalife in the Alhambra, different species of flowers can be enjoyed, further beautifying the surroundings. It is a delight to the senses to enjoy the aroma and the colorful flowers as one walks through Granada's charming corners. In summary, Granada is an enchanting city in which flowers play a prominent role. Whether through beautiful bouquets in florists or through flower delivery services, residents and visitors alike have the opportunity to appreciate and share the beauty of flowers in this captivating city.

When to buy your bouquet of flowers for Granada?

At Aquarelle we know how important it is for you to express your feelings with a bouquet of flowers. That's why we offer a fast and efficient delivery service in Granada and its surroundings, within 24 hours, from Monday to Sunday and in different time slots, so that your flowers are never missing when you need them.

Delivery options

How do we deliver our bouquets?
We believe that every flower delivery is unique and special, so we take care of every detail. We send all our bouquets in specially designed packaging to ensure their protection. The bouquets travel in a container with a little water, which allows us to keep the bouquet hydrated during the delivery journey, so that when they arrive at their destination they are in perfect condition and the recipient can enjoy their bouquet to the fullest.

Delivery areas
We deliver in Granada in just 24 hours every day of the week, including Saturdays and Sundays (check locations with Sunday delivery on our website).

Shipping Price
At Aquarelle we want your shopping experience to be the best possible, that's why we have established a single shipping price of 4.99€ for any order you place at our online flower shop. On Saturdays and Sundays an additional supplement of 3€ applies. This way you can send flowers anywhere in Alicante, without worrying about the price.
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Simple and quick ordering
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Send flowers to Granada with Aquarelle

If you want to send a bouquet of flowers to someone important to you, trust Aquarelle! For us, quality comes first and we take care of every detail of the process. We send all our bouquets in a specially designed container so that when the flowers arrive at their destination they are in the best conditions. In addition, you can add a small gourmet surprise to make your delivery even more special.
At Aquarelle we make sure that your delivery to Granada arrives on the date you chose when placing your order. Even if you are far away from your family in Alicante you can celebrate with them and give a nice gift.
There is a gift for every occasion: a bouquet of tulips to celebrate your friend's birthday, a generous bouquet of flowers to celebrate the arrival of a happy event or an orchid to decorate your new apartment. We have bouquets to accompany the great moments of the year.